Nat King Cole Discography
Compiled by Jim Davidson
Posted 8/14/2005
Updated 1/21/2006

Okay, so you're probably wondering what a music discography is doing on a TV history website. Well, the truth is, I didn't have anywhere else to put it. Maybe if I come up with a music history website some day, I'll put it there. But for now, it remains here.

This is certainly not the first Nat King Cole discography to appear on the web, and I make no attempt to be comprehensive. Cole is estimated to have recorded more than a thousand songs, and since his death in 1965, they've been released and re-released in a dizzying array of configurations. This list attempts to simplify things by detailing only LPs released during Nat's lifetime and immediately after. Provided are title, release year, catalog number, arranger/conductor or other musical accompaniment, recording date(s), and songs.

As most fans know, Nat's career falls into two periods. In the 1930s and 1940s, he led the King Cole Trio, featuring his own piano playing - and often singing - with guitar and bass accompaniment. In 1950, he switched gears to became a full-fledged pop singer, usually with orchestral accompaniment. Since LPs didn't come into their own until the mid-1950s, it's the pop singing that tends to be emphasized here (though there are a few albums of trio/piano instrumental material).

There are basically three types of Nat Cole LPs. Some are merely collections of his previously released singles. These albums are easy to spot, since the songs usually have a variety of recording dates and arranger/conductors. Examples of this type are Top Pops, Unforgettable, and Ballads of the Day. Others were planned specifically as albums, usually recorded on one date or several close-together dates with a single arranger/conductor. Examples are The Very Thought of You, Welcome to the Club, and Nat King Cole Sings/George Shearing Plays. In another typical scenario, Nat would initially record two sides of a single. If the single became a hit, he would go back into the studio months later and record enough additional songs to fill out an album. Ramblin' Rose, Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer, and L-O-V-E follow this pattern.

Most of Nat's early LPs were originally released as 10-inch extended play (EP) records consisting of eight of his singles. These early EPs would be re-released a couple of years later as 12-inch long playing (LP) records, with a four songs added. When two release years are listed below, the first one is for the EP and the other for the LP. Original EP tracks are displayed in blue. Many albums have been released on CD, with even more songs added. CD bonus tracks are displayed in red. There are also links to CDs, if you want to buy them.

Note: Capitol had a bad habit of re-releasing its LPs in the 1970s with only 10 songs, instead of the original album's 12. Nat's disks weren't immune to this practice, so if you're one of those collectors still purchasing LPs - beware! Make sure you get a track listing before you buy.

So what can you do with all this information? If you collect LPs, the list will give you all the data you need to organize your collection. If you get your music from CDs or download from the web, you'll see Nat's albums here in their original configurations, as well as be able to tell which songs you may be missing. (Print out the list and bring it with you to the record store or flea market.) And if you're just interested in pop music history, here's an important slice of it.

Other Nat King Cole Discographical Sources

Nat King Cole by James Haskins with Kathleen Benson (Stein & Day, 1984)
Contains a listing of Nat's singles, with release years and catalog numbers.

Unforgettable: The Life and Mystique of Nat King Cole by Leslie Gourse (St. Martin's Press, 1991)
Contains a nearly complete list of Nat's songs, arranged by recording date.

King Cole Comments
This sadly now-defunct website run by Cole expert Roy Holmes in the U.K. used to include various NKC discographies.

Also, don't forget to check out my episode guide for The Nat King Cole Show.


These are two of Nat's best compilation albums.
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Or you can buy his original albums below.




Penthouse Serenade (1952/1955) - Capitol T-332
Instrumental numbers with Nat on piano
Nat King Cole (piano), John Collins (guitar), Charlie Harris (bass), Jack Costanzo (bongos/congas). Bunny Shawker (drums) on "Rose Room," "Once in a Blue Moon," and "Down By the Old Mill Stream."
Original EP tracks (recorded 7/18/1952): Penthouse Serenade (When We're Alone), Somebody Loves Me, Laura, Once in a Blue Moon, Polka Dots and Moonbeams, Down by the Old Mill Stream, If I Should Lose You, Rose Room.
Additional LP tracks (recorded 7/14/1955): I Surrender, Dear; It Could Happen to You; Don't Blame Me; Little Girl
CD bonus tracks (recorded 1/2/1952): I Surrender, Dear (alternate take), Walkin' My Baby Back Home, Too Marvelous For Words, Too Young, That's My Girl, It's Only a Paper Moon, Unforgettable. Buy this album on CD (paid link)


Top Pops (1952/1954) - Capitol T-9110
Somewhere Along the Way (Nelson Riddle, 1/10/1952), Faith Can Move Mountains (Nelson Riddle, 8/12/1952), Walkin' My Baby Back Home (Billy May, 9/4/1951), Because You're Mine (Nelson Riddle, 7/31/1952), Funny (Pete Rugolo, 1/11/1952), The Ruby and the Pearl (Les Baxter/Nelson Riddle, 9/14/1951), Hold My Hand (Billy May, 10/18/1954), Teach Me Tonight (Billy May, 10/18/1954), If I Give My Heart To You (Billy May, 10/18/1954), A Weaver of Dreams (Les Baxter/Nelson Riddle, 9/14/1951),
I'm Never Satisfied (Nelson Riddle, 7/31/1952), Papa Loves Mambo (Billy May, 10/18/1954).
Re-released on LP in 1963 with a new cover (see image at right) and catalog number (T-1891).
Re-released again on LP under the title Walkin' My Baby Back Home - DF-504, with "Funny" and "The Ruby and the Pearl" eliminated. Buy this album on CD (paid link)

 Unforgettable (1953/1954) - Capitol T-357
Unforgettable (Nelson Riddle, 8/17/1951), Portrait of Jennie (Carlyle Hall, 1/14/1949), What'll I Do (Trio, 8/6/1947), Lost April (Carlyle Hall, 12/20/1947), Answer Me, My Love (Nelson Riddle, 12/3/1953), Hajji Baba (Nelson Riddle, 7/27/1954), Too Young (Les Baxter/Nelson Riddle, 2/2/1951), Mona Lisa (Les Baxter/Nelson Riddle, 3/11/1950), For Sentimental Reasons (Trio, 8/22/1946), Red Sails In The Sunset (Pete Rugolo, 2/12/1951), Pretend (Nelson Riddle, 12/30/1952), Make Her Mine (Nelson Riddle, 3/31/1953).
Re-released on LP in 1965 with a new cover (see image at right). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 Nat King Cole Sings For Two In Love (1953/1955) - Nelson Riddle - Capitol T-420
Love Is Here To Stay (1/27/1953), A Handful Of Stars (1/27/1953), This Can't Be Love (1/28/1953), A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet (1/27/1953), Autumn Leaves (8/23/1955), Let's Fall In Love (8/25/1955), There Goes My Heart (1/27/1953),
Dinner For One Please, James (1/27/1953), Almost Like Being In Love (1/28/1953), Tenderly (1/27/1953), You Stepped Out Of A Dream (Pete Rugolo, 1/11/1952), There Will Never Be Another You (8/25/1955).
Re-released on LP in 1963 with a new cover (see image at right).
CD bonus tracks (from the album To Whom It May Concern): Too Much (6/20/1958), A Thousand Thoughts of You (8/18/1958), If You Said No (11/11/1958). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 10th Anniversary (1955) - Capitol W-514
Previously unreleased recordings to commemorate Nat's first 10 years with Capitol
Trio: Dream a Little Dream of Me (10/28/1947), There, I've Said It Again (8/7/1947), Lulubelle (12/20/1947), I'm an Errand Boy For Rhythm (10/18/1945), The Love Nest (10/28/1947), But All I've Got Is Me (7/3/1947), Peaches (Instrumental, 3/30/1949), I Can't Be Bothered (7/3/1947). Orchestra: Too Soon (Nelson Riddle, 8/12/1952), Rough Ridin' (Dave Cavanaugh, 3/31/1952), The Story of My Wife (Les Baxter, 9/14/1951), Sleeping Beauty (Nelson Riddle, 8/24/1953), Lovelight (Nelson Riddle, 8/17/1951), Where Were You (Pete Rugolo, 1/11/1952), Mother Nature and Father Time (Nelson Riddle, 12/30/1952), Wish I Were Somebody Else (Pete Rugolo). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 The King Cole Trio: Vocal Classics (1955) - Capitol T-591
Nat King Cole (piano and vocal), Oscar Moore (guitar), Johnny Miller (bass).
On "Little Girl" and "If I Had You": Nat King Cole (piano and vocal), Irving Ashby (guitar), Johnny Miller (bass).
On "For All We Know": Nat King Cole (piano and vocal), Irving Ashby (guitar), Joe Comfort (bass).
Sweet Lorraine (12/15/1943), Little Girl (11/3/1947), What Can I Say After I'm Sorry (4/5/1946), I'm Thru With Love (5/19/1945), It's Only a Paper Moon (12/15/1943), I'll String Along With You (8/8/1947), For All We Know (3/22/1949), If I Had You (11/6/1947), Embraceable You (12/15/1943), This Is My Night to Dream (8/7/1947), Makin' Whoopee (8/7/1947), Too Marvelous for Words (8/8/1947).
 The King Cole Trio: Instrumental Classics (1955) - Capitol T-592
Nat King Cole (piano), Oscar Moore (guitar), Johnny Miller (bass).
On "Laugh! Cool Clown" and "Bop Kick": Nat King Cole (piano), Irving Ashby (guitar), Joe Comfort (bass), Jack Costanzo (bongos).
The Man I Love (1/17/1944), Body and Soul (1/17/1944), Easy Listenin' Blues (3/6/1944), What Is This Thing Called Love (1/17/1944), Rhumba Azul (8/6/1947), Laugh! Cool Clown (3/22/1949), Sweet Georgia Brown (5/23/1945), Honeysuckle Rose (6/25/1947), Prelude in C Sharp Minor (1/17/1944), This Way Out (11/1/1945), Bop Kick (3/22/1949), Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (10/30/1946).
Re-released on LP under the title Capitol Jazz Classics Vol. 8: King Cole Trio - Trio Days - M-11033 (see image at right).
Re-released on CD as The Best of the Nat King Cole Trio: The Instrumental Classics with the following bonus tracks: Jumpin' at Capitol (11/30/1943), Moonlight in Vermont (8/13/1947), How High the Moon (8/13/1947), I'll Never Be the Same (8/13/1947), These Foolish Things (8/13/1947), Peaches (3/30/1949). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 Ballads of the Day (1956) - Capitol T-680
A Blossom Fell (Nelson Riddle, 12/20/1954), Unbelieveable (Nelson Riddle, 2/9/1954), Blue Gardenia (Nelson Riddle, 1/20/1953), Angel Eyes (Billy May, 1/14/1953), It Happens To Be Me (Nelson Riddle, 2/9/1954), Smile (Nelson Riddle, 7/27/1954), Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup (Nelson Riddle, 8/24/1953), Alone Too Long (Nelson Riddle, 2/9/1954), My One Sin (Nelson Riddle, 8/24/1954), Return to Paradise (Nelson Riddle, 3/31/1953), If Love Is Good To Me (Nelson Riddle, 1/20/1953), The Sand and the Sea (Nelson Riddle, 12/20/1954). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 The Piano Style of Nat King Cole (1956) - Nelson Riddle - Capitol W-689
More instrumentals with Nat on piano
Juan Tizol (valve trombone), George Roberts (bass trombone), Willie Smith (alto saxophone), Nat King Cole (piano), John Collins (guitar), Charlie Harris (bass), Lee Young (drums).
Love Walked In (8/30/1955), My Heart Stood Still (6/7/1955), Imagination (8/30/1955), I Never Knew (6/7/1955), Stella By Starlight (8/30/1955), What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry (6/11/1955), I Didn't Know What Time It Was (8/30/1955), Taking A Chance On Love (6/11/1955), April In Paris (8/30/1955), I Want To Be Happy (8/27/1955), I See Your Face Before Me (8/30/1955), Just One Of Those Things (8/27/1955), I Get A Kick Out Of You (8/30/1955), If I Could Be With You (8/30/1955), I Hear Music (6/7/1955), Tea For Two (6/7/1955), My Heart Stood Still [alternate take] (6/7/1955). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 After Midnight (1957) - Combo - Capitol W-782
Harry Edison (trumpet), Juan Tizol (trombone), Willie Smith (alto saxophone), Stuff Smith (violin), Nat King Cole (piano, vocal), John Collins (guitar), Charlie Harris (bass), Lee Young (drums). Add Jack Costanzo (congas, bongos) on "Caravan" and "The Lonely One."
Just You, Just Me (9/14/1956), Sweet Lorraine (8/15/1956), Sometimes I'm Happy (9/24/1956), Caravan (9/21/1956), It's Only A Paper Moon (8/15/1956), You're Looking At Me (9/14/1956), The Lonely One (9/21/1956), Don't Let It Go To Your Head (9/14/1956), I Know That You Know (9/24/1956), Blame It On My Youth (9/21/1956), When I Grow Too Old To Dream (9/24/1956), Route 66 (8/15/1956), I Was a Little Too Lonely (And You Were a Little Too Late) (9/14/1956), You Can Depend on Me (8/15/1956), What Is There to Say? (9/21/1956), Two Loves Have I (9/24/1956), Candy (8/15/1956), You're Looking at Me [Alternate Take] (9/14/1956).
Note: There are two "complete" CD editions of this album - one entitled The Complete After Midnight Sessions released in 1987 and the other After Midnight: The Complete Session from 1999. The only difference is that the latter includes the alternate take of "You're Looking at Me," while the former doesn't. Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 Love Is the Thing (1957) - Gordon Jenkins - Capitol SW-824
When I Fall In Love (12/18/1956), Stardust (12/19/1956), Stay As Sweet As You Are (12/28/1956), Where Can I Go Without You (12/19/1956), Maybe It's Because I Love You Too Much (12/19/1956), Love Letters (12/19/1956), Ain't Misbehavin' (12/28/1956), I Thought About Marie (12/19/1956), At Last (12/28/1956), It's All In the Game (12/19/1956), When Sunny Gets Blue (12/28/1956), Love Is the Thing (12/19/1956), Someone to Tell It To (8/14/1962), The End of a Love Affair (8/14/1962), If Love Ain't There (8/14/1962). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 This Is Nat "King" Cole (1957) - Nelson Riddle - Capitol T- 870
Dreams Can Tell A Lie (12/20/1955), I Just Found Out About Love (12/29/1955), Too Young To Go Steady (12/20/1955), Forgive My Heart (12/20/1954), Annabelle (1/20/1953), Nothing Ever Changes My Love For You (6/7/1955), To The Ends Of The Earth (1/4/1956), I'm Gonna Laugh You Out Of My Life (12/20/1954), Someone You Love (6/9/1955), Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow (12/20/1955), That's All (1/20/1953), Never Let Me Go (1/4/1956). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 Just One of Those Things (1958) - Billy May - Capitol SW-903
When Your Lover Has Gone (8/7/1957), A Cottage For Sale (8/7/1957), Who's Sorry Now? (7/19/1957 or 8/7/1957), Once In A While (7/19/1957), These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You (7/19/1957), Just For The Fun Of It (7/10/1957), Don't Get Around Much Anymore (7/10/1957), I Understand (8/7/1957), Just One Of Those Things (7/31/1957), The Song Is Ended (7/10/1957), I Should Care (7/31/1957), The Party's Over (7/31/1957), Day In-Day Out (11/20/1961), I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (And Write Myself A Letter) (11/21/1961), Something Makes Me Want To Dance With You (11/21/1961). This album was re-released in its entirety on CD on "The Billy May Sessions." Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 St. Louis Blues (1958) - Nelson Riddle - Capitol SW-993
Overture (1/30/1958), Harlem Blues (1/31/1958), Chantez Les Bas (1/29/1958), Friendless Blues (1/31/1958), Stay (1/30/1958), Joe Turner's Blues (1/31/1958), Beale Street Blues (1/29/1958), Careless Love (1/29/1958), Morning Star (1/30/1958), Memphis Blues (1/31/1958), Yellow Dog Blues (1/29/1958), St Louis Blues (1/30/1958)
Re-released on LP in 1963 under the title Nat King Cole Sings the Blues - SW-1929 (see image at right). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 Cole Espanol (1958) - Armando Romeu Jr. - Capitol W-1031
Cachito (6/9/1958), Maria Elena (2/17/1958), Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (2/20/1958), Las Mananitas (2/20/1958), Acercate Mas (2/17/1958 or 6/30/1958), El Bodeguero (2/18/1958), Arrivederci, Roma (2/20/1958), Noche De Ronda (6/9/1958), Tu, Mi Delirio (2/18/1958), Te Quiero, Dijiste (Magic is the Moonlight) (2/20/1958), Adelita (2/20/1958).
 The Very Thought of You (1958) - Gordon Jenkins - Capitol SW-1084
The Very Thought Of You (5/6/1958), But Beautiful (5/8/1958), Impossible (5/8/1958), I Wish I Knew the Way To Your Heart (5/2/1958), I Found A Million Dollar Baby (5/2/1958), Magnificent Obsession (5/8/1958), My Heart Tells Me (5/2/1958), Paradise (5/6/1958), This Is All I Ask (5/2/1958), Chérie I Love You (5/8/1958), Making Believe You're Here (5/2/1958), Cherchez La Femme (5/6/1958), For All We Know (5/8/1958), The More I See You (5/2/1958), Don't Blame Me (5/6/1958), There Is No Greater Love (5/6/1958). Buy this album on CD (paid link)

Welcome to the Club (1959) - Dave Cavanaugh/Count Basie Band - Capitol SW-1120
Nat accompanied by Count Basie's band without Basie
John Anderson, Joe Newman, Wendell Culley, Thad Jones, Snooky Young (trumpet), Henry Coker, Al Grey, Benny Powell (trombone), Marshall Royal (alto sax), Frank Wess, Frank Foster (alto sax, tenor sax), Billy Mitchell (tenor sax), Charlie Fowlkes (baritone sax), Gerald Wiggins (piano), Freddie Green (guitar), Eddie Jones (bass), Sonny Payne (drums).
Welcome To The Club (7/1/1958), Anytime, Anyway, Anywhere (6/30/1958), The Blues Don't Care (7/1/1958), Mood Indigo (6/30/1958), Baby, Won't You Please Come Home (7/1/1958), The Late, Late Show (7/1/1958), Avalon (7/1/1958), She's Funny That Way (6/30/1958), I Want A Little Girl (6/30/1958), Wee Baby Blues (7/2/1958), Look Out For Love (7/2/1958)
Re-released on LP in 1962 as The Swingin' Side of Nat King Cole - SW-1724 (see image at right).
Re-released on CD under the title Big Band Cole, with the following tracks added: Madrid (7/2/1958), Orange Colored Sky (8/16/1950), Jam-Bo (8/16/1950), Orange Colored Sky (7/6/1961), Steady (3/9/1960), My Love (3/9/1960). The first is with the Basie band, the rest with Stan Kenton and his Orchestra. Buy this album on CD (paid link)

 To Whom It May Concern (1959) - Nelson Riddle - Capitol SW-1190
To Whom It May Concern (8/11/1958), Love-Wise (8/11/1958), Too Much (6/20/1958), In the Heart of Jane Doe (8/11/1958), A Thousand Thoughts of You (8/18/1958), You're Bringing Out the Dreamer in Me (8/11/1958), My Heart's Treasure (8/11/1958), If You Said No (11/11/1958), Can't Help It (6/20/1958), Lovesville (6/20/1958), Unfair (11/12/1958), This Morning It Was Summer (8/18/1958). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 A Mis Amigos (1959) - Dave Cavanaugh - Capitol SW-1220
Recorded 4/14/1959.
Ay Cosita Linda, Aquellos Ojos Verdes, Suas Maos, Capullito De Aleli, Caboclo Do Rio, Fantastico, Nadie Me Ama, Yo Vendo Unos Ojos Negros, Perfidia, El Choclo, Ansiedad, Nao Tenho Lagrimas.
 Every Time I Feel the Spirit (1959) - Gordon Jenkins, First Church of Deliverance Choir - Capitol SW-1249
Recorded 9/29/1958 and 9/30/1958.
Every Time I Feel the Spirit, I Want To Be Ready, Sweet Hour of Prayer, Ain't Gonna Study War No More, I Found the Answer, Standin' in the Need of Prayer, Oh Mary Don't You Weep, Go Down Moses, Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen, In the Sweet By and By, I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray, Steal Away.
Re-released on LP in 1966 under the title Nat King Cole Sings Hymns and Spirituals - ST-2454 (see image at right). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 Tell Me All About Yourself (1960) - Dave Cavanaugh - Capitol SW-1331
Tell Me About Yourself (11/10/1958), Until The Real Thing Comes Along (10/30/1958), The Best Thing For You (11/4/1958), When You Walked By (11/10/1958), Crazy She Calls Me (10/30/1958), You've Got The Indian Sign On Me (11/10/1958), For You (10/30/1958), Dedicated To You (11/4/1958), You Are My Love (10/30/1958), This Is Always (11/4/1958), My Life (11/10/1958), (I Would Do) Anything For You (11/4/1958). Buy this album on CD (paid link)

Wild Is Love (1960) - Nelson Riddle - Capitol SWAK-1392
Songs with a love story to tie them together.
Music by Ray Rasch, Lyrics by Dotty Wayne, Arranged and Conducted by Nelson Riddle.
Recorded 3/1/1960, 3/2/1960, and 3/9/1960.
Introduction, Wild is Love, Hundreds and Thousands of Girls, It's a Beautiful Evening, Tell Her in the Morning, Are You Disenchanted?, Pick-Up, Beggar For the Blues, World of No Return, In Love Again, Stay With It, Wouldn't You Know, He Who Hesitates, Wild is Love Finale. Buy this album on CD (paid link)


The Magic of Christmas (1960) - Ralph Carmichael - Capitol SW-1444
Recorded 7/5/1960, 7/6/1960, and 7/7/1960.
Deck the Halls, Adeste Fidelis, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, O Tannenbaum, O Little Town of Bethlehem, I Saw Three Ships, O Holy Night, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, A Cradle in Bethlehem, Away in a Manger, Joy to the World, The First Noel, Caroling Caroling, Silent Night.
Re-released on LP in 1963 under the title The Christmas Song - ST-1967 (see image at right), with "O Tannenbaum" and "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" eliminated and "The Christmas Song" (1961 version) added. The first CD release of The Christmas Song
had the same tracks, plus "O Tannenbaum." The 2005 CD release has the original "Magic of Christmas" LP tracks plus three versions of "The Christmas Song" (Nat's 1946 original, his 1961 remake, and a new version by Nat and daughter Natalie). Also included are "Nat's Christmas Introduction," "Nat's Christmas Wishes," "Toys for Tots," and "Happy New Year." Buy this album on CD (paid link)

 The Touch of Your Lips (1961) - Ralph Carmichael - Capitol SW-1574
Recorded 12/22/1960 and 12/23/1960.
The Touch Of Your Lips, I Remember You, Illusion, You're Mine You, Funny (Not Much), Poinciana, Sunday Monday or Always, Not So Long Ago, A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, Only Forever, My Need For You, Lights Out. Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 The Nat King Cole Story (1961) - SWCL-1613
Stereo recreations of Nat's biggest hits in a 3-record set, re-released as three separate single LPs (see image at right).
Straighten Up and Fly Right (3/23/1961), Sweet Lorraine (3/22/1961), It's Only a Paper Moon (3/22/1961), Route 66 (3/23/1961), For Sentimental Reasons (3/23/1961), The Christmas Song (3/30/1961), Nature Boy (3/27/1961), Lush Life (7/20/1961), Calypso Blues (7/19/1961), Mona Lisa (3/30/1961), Orange Colored Sky (7/6/1961), Too Young (3/29/1961), Unforgettable (3/30/1961), Somewhere Along The Way (3/29/1961), Walkin' My Baby Back Home (7/19/1961), Pretend (3/24/1961), Blue Gardenia (7/19/1961), I Am In Love (7/20/1961), Answer Me My Love (3/24/1961), Smile (3/24/1961), Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup (3/24/1961), Tha Sand And The Sea (3/27/1961), If I May (4/3/1961), A Blossom Fell (3/27/1961), To the Ends of the Earth (7/19/1961), Night Lights (7/19/1961), Ballerina (7/20/1961), Stardust, Send For Me (4/3/1961), St. Louis Blues, Looking Back (4/3/1961), Non Dimenticar (7/19/1961), Paradise, Oh Mary Don't You Weep, Ay Cosita Linda, Wild Is Love. Buy this album on CD (paid link)

Nat King Cole Sings/George Shearing Plays (1962) - Ralph Carmichael - Capitol SW-1675
Nat accompanied by the Shearing Quintet and string choir conducted by Carmichael.
Arranged by George Shearing and Ralph Carmichael.
Nat King Cole (vocals), George Shearing (piano), Emil Richards (vibes), Al Hendrickson (guitar), Al McKibbon (bass), Shelly Manne (drums).
On "Serenata" and "The Game of Love": Paul Horn, Wilbur Schwartz, and Justin Gordon (flutes, piccolos), Lloyd Ulyate (trombone), Carlos Vidal (congas), Nick Martinez and Luis Miranda (latin percussion).
Recorded 12/19/1961, 12/20/1961, and 12/21/1961.
September Song, Pick Yourself Up, I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good), Let There Be Love, Azure-Te, Lost April, A Beautiful Friendship, In Other Words (Fly Me to the Moon), Serenata, I'm Lost, There's a Lull in My Life, Don't Go, Everything Happens to Me, The Game of Love, Guess I'll Go Back Home (This Summer).
Some LP editions of this album included a free bonus disk with six of Nat's songs and six of George's. Nat's songs were: Hundreds and Thousands of Girls (from the Wild is Love album), Straighten Up and Fly Right (from The Nat King Cole Story), A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (from The Touch Of Your Lips), Until the Real Thing Comes Along (from Tell Me All About Yourself), Suas Maos (from A Mis Amigos), and Love is the Thing (from Love Is the Thing). Buy this album on CD (paid link)

 More Cole Espanol (1962) - Ralph Carmichael - Capitol SW-1749
Recorded 3/6/1962, 3/7/1962, 3/8/1962, and 3/9/1962 in Mexico City.
La Feria De Las Flores, Tres Palabras, Las Chiapanecas, Adios Mariquita Linda, Aqui Se Habla En Amor, Vaya Con Dios, La Golondrina, No Me Platiques, A Media Luz, Guadalajara, Solamente Una Vez, Piel Canela.

Ramblin' Rose (1962) - Belford Hendricks - Capitol ST-1793
Recorded 8/11/1962, unless otherwise noted.
Ramblin' Rose (6/19/1962), Wolverton Mountain, Twilight On The Trail, I Don't Want It That Way, He'll Have To Go, When You're Smiling, Goodnight Irene, Your Cheatin' Heart, One Has My Name The Other Has My Heart, Skip To My Lou, The Good Times (6/19/1962), Sing Another Song (We'll All Go Home).
CD bonus tracks (from the Dear Lonely Hearts album): Dear Lonely Hearts (6/19/1962), All Over the World (11/12/1962), All By Myself (11/13/1962). Buy this album on CD (paid link)

 Dear Lonely Hearts (1962) - Belford Hendricks - Capitol ST-1838
Dear Lonely Hearts (6/19/1962), Miss You (11/12/1962), Why Should I Cry Over You? (11/13/1962), Near You (11/13/1962), Yearning (Just For You) (11/13/1962), My First And Only Lover (11/12/1962), All Over The World (11/12/1962), Oh How I Miss You Tonight (11/12/1962), Lonesome And Sorry (11/12/1962), All By Myself (11/13/1962), Who's Next In Line? (6/19/1962), It's A Lonesome Old Town (11/13/1962). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 Where Did Everyone Go? (1963) - Gordon Jenkins - Capitol SW-1859
Recorded 8/13/1962 and 8/14/1962.
Where Did Everyone Go?, Say It Isn't So, If Love Ain't There, When the World Was Young, Am I Blue?, Someone To Tell It To, The End of a Love Affair, I Keep Goin' Back to Joe's, Laughing On the Outside, No I Don't Want Her, Spring Is Here, That's All There Is. Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer (1963) - Ralph Carmichael - Capitol ST- 1932
Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer (4/11/1963), Get Out and Get Under The Moon (5/15/1963), There is A Tavern In The Town (5/15/1963), On A Bicycle Built For Two (5/15/1963), That Sunday That Summer (5/16/1963), On The Sidewalks Of New York (5/16/1963), Our Old Home Team (5/16/1963), After The Ball Is Over (5/15/1963),You Tell Me Your Dream (5/16/1963), That's What They Meant (By The Good Old Summertime) (5/16/1963), Don't Forget (5/16/1963), In The Good Old Summertime (5/15/1963), Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer (4/11/1963). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 Let's Face the Music! (1964) - Billy May - Capitol SW-2008
Recorded 11/20/1961, 11/21/1961, and 11/22/1961.
Day In - Day Out, Bidin' My Time, When My Sugar Walks Down The Street, Warm and Willing, I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter, Cold Cold Heart, Something Makes Me Want To Dance With You, Moon Love, The Rules Of The Road, Ebony Rhapsody, Too Little Too Late, Let's Face The Music And Dance. This album was re-released in its entirety on CD on "The Billy May Sessions." Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 My Fair Lady (1964) - Ralph Carmichael - Capitol SW-2117
Recorded 9/17/1963, 9/18/1963, 9/19/1963, and 9/20/1963.
With A Little Bit Of Luck, I Could Have Danced All Night, The Rain In Spain, On The Street Where You Live, I'm An Ordinary Man, Get Me To The Church On Time, Show Me, I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face, You Did It, Wouldn't It Be Loverly, Hymn To Him. Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 I Don't Want To Be Hurt Anymore (1964) - Ralph Carmichael - Capitol SW-2118
I Don't Want To Be Hurt Anymore (1/14/1964), You're Crying On My Shoulder (5/27/1964), Only Yesterday (5/27/1964), I'm Alone Because I Love You (5/5/1964), Don't You Remember? (5/5/1964), You're My Everything (5/5/1964), I Don't Want To See Tomorrow (5/5/1964), Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes (5/27/1964), Was That The Human Thing To Do? (5/27/1964), Go, If You're Going (5/5/1964), Road To Nowhere (5/27/1964), I'm All Cried Out (5/5/1964). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 L-O-V-E (1965) - Ralph Carmichael - Capitol ST-2195
Trumpet solos by Bobby Bryant.
L-O-V-E (6/3/1964), The Girl From Ipanema (12/3/1964), Three Little Words (12/3/1964), There's Love (12/2/1964), My Kind of Girl (12/2/1964), Thanks to You (12/2/1964), Your Love (12/2/1964), More (12/1/1964 or 12/2/1964), Coquette (12/1/1964), How I'd Love To Love You (12/1/1964), Swiss Retreat (12/2/1964). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 The Nat King Cole Trio (1965) - Capitol T-2311
Nat King Cole (piano), Oscar Moore (guitar), Johnny Miller (bass).
On "For All We Know": Nat King Cole (piano), Irving Ashby (guitar), Joe Comfort (bass).
I'll Never Be the Same (instrumental, 8/13/1947), For All We Know (vocal, 3/22/1949), These Foolish Things (instrumental, 8/13/1947), I'm Thru With Love (vocal, 5/19/1945), Smoke Gets In You Eyes (instrumental, 10/30/1946), You Call It Madness (vocal, 5/1/1946), Body and Soul (instrumental, 1/17/1944), Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You (vocal, 11/30/1943), Moonlight in Vermont (instrumental, 8/13/1947), Embraceable You (vocal, 12/15/1943), The Man I Love (instrumental, 1/17/1944).
 Nat King Cole Sings His Songs From Cat Ballou and other Motion Pictures (1965) - Capitol ST-2340
The Ballad of Cat Ballou (Ralph Carmichael, Autumn 1964), Blue Gardenia (Ralph Carmichael/Nelson Riddle, 7/19/1961), St. Louis Blues (Nelson Riddle, 1/30/1958), The Song of Raintree Country (Johnny Green, 1957), In The Cool of the Day (Ralph Carmichael, 4/11/1963), They Can't Make Her Cry (Ralph Carmichael, Autumn 1964), China Gate (Nelson Riddle, 3/19/1957), Night of the Quarter Moon (Nelson Riddle, 2/4/1959), Never Let Me Go (Nelson Riddle, 1/4/1956), Beale Street Blues (Nelson Riddle, 1/29/1958), Hajji Baba (Nelson Riddle, 7/27/1954).
 Nature Boy (1965) - Capitol T-2348
Dinner For One Please James (Nelson Riddle, 1/27/1953), A Blossom Fell (Nelson Riddle, 12/20/1954), The Ruby and the Pearl (Les Baxter/Nelson Riddle, 9/14/1951), Funny (Pete Rugolo, 1/11/1952), Paradise (Gordon Jenkins, 5/6/1958), Stardust (Gordon Jenkins, 12/19/1956), Tenderly (Nelson Riddle, 1/27/1953), Love-Wise (Nelson Riddle, 8/11/1958), That's All (Nelson Riddle, 1/20/1953), Autumn Leaves (Nelson Riddle, 8/23/1955), Nature Boy (Ralph Carmichael/Frank DeVol, 3/27/1961).
Re-released under the title A Blossom Fell DF-505 (see image at right), with "Paradise" removed.
 Looking Back (1965) - Capitol ST-2361
Arranged by Dave Cavanaugh, unless otherwise noted.
Time And The River (9/2/1959), World In My Arms (9/2/1959), Again (11/12/1958 or 12/11/1958), Looking Back (4/3/1961), Midnight Flyer (7/2/1959), I Must Be Dreaming (Dave Cavanaugh/Sid Feller, 11/12/1958), Is It Better To Have Loved And Lost (3/9/1960), Send For Me (Billy May, 4/3/1961), Just As Much As Ever (2/4/1958), If I May (Billy May, 4/3/1961), Sweet Bird Of Youth (7/2/1959). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 Nat King Cole At The Sands (1966) - Antonio Morelli - Capitol Records SMAS-2434
Recorded live 1/14/1960 at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas.
Ballerina, Funny, The Continental, I Wish You Love, You Leave Me Breathless, Thou Swell, My Kind Of Love, Surrey With The Fringe On Top, Where Or When, Miss Otis Regrets, Joe Turner's Blues, Mr. Cole Won't Rock & Roll.
Recorded 9/2/1959: In a Mellow Tone, Whatcha' Gonna Do. Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 The Nat King Cole Trio: The Vintage Years (1966) - Capitol T-2529
When I Take My Sugar to Tea (8/6/1947), The Frim Fram Sauce (10/11/1945), You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You (5/19/1945), I Miss You So (6/13/1947), You're the Cream In My Coffee (12/18/1946), That's What (6/13/1947), But She's My Buddy's Chick (5/1/1946), Naughty Angeline (6/13/1947), Baby Baby All The Time (4/17/1946), The Best Man (8/19/1946), I Think You Get What I Mean (7/3/1947).
 Nat Cole Sings The Great Songs (1966) - Capitol ST-2558
An Affair To Remember (8/8/1957), You're My Thrill (11/12/1958), Fascination (8/8/1957), Farewell To Arms (8/13/1962), I Wish I Knew (5/2/1958 or 11/5/1958), For The Want Of A Kiss (11/12/1958), There's A Gold Mine In The Sky (8/8/1957), Happy New Year (8/13/1962), Be Still My Heart (11/5/1958), Around The World (8/8/1957), I Had The Craziest Dream (11/5/1958). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 Sincerely (1967) - Capitol ST-2680
Previously unissued recordings.
Sweethearts on Parade (11/11/1958), You Are Mine (3/11/1960), Let Me Tell You Babe (1/14/1964), No Other Heart (12/3/1964), Because You Love Me (4/4/1961), Cappuccina (4/7/1961), Let True Love Begin (4/7/1961), Baby Blue (3/11/1960), Silver Bird (1/14/1964), Nothing in the World (11/22/1957), Take a Fool's Advice (4/4/1961). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 Thank You, Pretty Baby (1967) - Capitol ST-2759
Magic Moment (Ralph Carmichael, 11/27/1961), Make It Last (Ralph Carmichael, 4/4/1961), You Made Me Love You (Nelson Riddle, 11/7/1958), Thank You, Pretty Baby (Dave Cavanaugh, 2/4/1958), Unfair (Nelson Riddle, 1/21/1956), Magic Night (Dave Cavanaugh, 3/9/1960), People (Ralph Carmichael, 1/14/1964), United (Nelson Riddle, 8/24/1954), Brazilian Love Song (Dave Cavanaugh, 4/14/1959), One Sun (Nelson Riddle, 10/10/1956), Mr. Wishing Well (Ralph Carmichael, 4/11/1963). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 The Beautiful Ballads (1967) - Capitol ST-2820
Felicia (Ralph Carmichael, 4/11/1963), Miss Me (Les Baxter/Gus Levene, 9/14/1951), Marnie (Ralph Carmichael, 6/3/1964), Here's To My Lady (Les Baxter/Tony Lavello, 9/14/1951), A Fool Was I (Nelson Riddle, 12/30/1952), Bend a Little My Way (Nelson Riddle, 8/18/1958), You'll See (Ralph Carmichael, 4/11/1963), If I Knew (Ralph Carmichael, 9/27/1960), Back In My Arms (Nelson Riddle, 12/20/1955), When It's Summer (Ralph Carmichael, 3/9/1960), I'll Always Be Remembering ("Things") (Nelson Riddle, 8/24/1954). Buy this album on CD (paid link)
 The Best of Nat King Cole (1968) - Capitol SKAO-2944
Mona Lisa (Ralph Carmichael/Nelson Riddle, 3/30/1961), L-O-V-E (Ralph Carmichael, 6/3/1964), Answer Me, My Love (Ralph Carmichael/Nelson Riddle, 3/24/1961), Sweet Lorraine (Combo featuring Harry "Sweets" Edison on trumpet, 8/15/1956), Too Young (Ralph Carmichael/Nelson Riddle, 3/29/1961), Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer (Ralph Carmichael, 4/11/1963), I Don't Want To Be Hurt Anymore (Ralph Carmichael, 1/14/1964), Route 66 (Combo featuring Harry "Sweets" Edison on trumpet, 8/15/1956), Dear Lonely Hearts (Belford Hendricks, 6/19/1962), Ramblin' Rose (Belford Hendricks, 6/19/1962).

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