Where to Buy Classic TV Shows


Great prices, large selection, free shipping on many items.

Classic TV Info aStore

Our very own store for classic tv show DVDs, books, and CDs - in partnership with amazon.com. It's easy to order, shipping is prompt, and prices are generally reasonable.


This site has grown from a place to watch short, silly cat videos to an important source for full movies and TV shows. It's a good place to check first for rare old shows - most of them free!

Deep Discount

This site also features officially released DVDs, and their prices are sometimes cheaper than Amazon.com.

DVD Price Search

If price is important to you, this is the place to go to find the lowest prices on currently available DVDs. They even factor in shipping charges and discounts.


Another of the web's most popular sites, eBay is where you can bid on rare and out-of-print TV shows in both DVD and VHS.

Shokus Video

In business since 1979, Shokus specializes in very rare old TV shows, many of which are unavailable anywhere else.


Another good source of rare early TV shows, with a nicely designed website.

TV Days

Self-described "aging baby boomer" Ira Gallen has been collecting and preserving old TV shows, many of them quite rare, for 30 years. Now he's making his collection available to fans and collectors..

Nuray Pictures

While they tend to have more movies than TV shows, this site is remarkable for their painstaking restoration of old film prints, something worthy of support. With each movie, you have a choice of watching streaming video or ordering a DVD or Blu-ray disc.

Encore Home Video

This seller not only has rare old TV shows but films about trains, cars, amusement parks, Coney Island, and more.

Movies Unlimited

A combination of official releases and more hard-to-find material.

Museum of Broadcast Communications

Headquartered in Chicago, this non-profit organization used to offer streaming video of classic TV shows, which sadly it had to stop doing. But you can still order DVDs of classic shows from them - and help support their worthy efforts!

Like Television

Watch streaming video of classic shows for free, or pay a fee and download them.


That Special Episode

If you're looking for a particular episode of a show, be sure to check the episode guides on Classic TV Info. Many segments now have direct links to DVDs or VHS tapes of that episode.



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